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Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Leads to Same-Sex Divorces

    Just days after the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage, there was a marked increase in the number of divorces filed. Couples who couldn’t divorce their same-sex partners before the ruling now have the legal right to separate. With the passing of the law, same-sex couples are going to face the

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    Prenup Lessons from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Divorce

      Divorce has been on the cards for the super-couple Affleck and Garner for a while now; the paparazzi have extensively covered the couple’s separation. Yet, the news of their split came at an odd time. The couple decided to officially separate precisely on the day after their anniversary, ten years after they got married. The

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      The Best Way to get a Cheap Divorce

        Today, just as lives are growing more complex, so are divorces and the latter are becoming increasingly expensive too. But if   you are traversing the divorce route, is there anything you can do to make it less of a burden on your pocket? If you are thinking “Not really”, you’re wrong. There is definitely a

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        The Benefits of an Online Divorce

          The modern day world has become very complex and this has also led to a rise in divorce rates. But the fact is that most couples also find that divorce lawyer charges are prohibitively high and situation becomes a catch 22 one. They are sure they want to get a divorce, but don’t know how

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          How To Prepare For A Divorce

            How To Prepare For A Divorce By getting ready for a divorce proceedings before it definitely occurs, you can lessen most of the pressure and confrontation that numerous individuals deal with when they hasten the separation procedure. Preparing ahead of time enables you to make sound choices and begin planning for your life after separation, Read More

            Reasons why Marriages End up in Divorce

              Reasons why marriages end up in divorce Resentment is tough not to have, when you think about it. Minor attributes of our partners annoy us, and lead to some bad thoughts, and if we dealt with each and every thing to that individual, we would have something to say daily! So , it's most likely Read More